Medical Services

  • Rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation procedures are carried out by licensed physiotherapists both in individual and group form. Rehabilitation therapy may be covered by health insurance companies or paid directly - in such a manner you can agree on an individual date for cupping, massages and other rehabilitation techniques.

  • ORL - Phoniatrics

    ORL and phoniatric department offer diagnostics and treatment of voice, speech and hearing disorders.

  • Clinical Psychology

    Clinical psychology is a specialized psychology field dealing with diagnostics, prevention and therapy of mental disorders, troubles and diseases. Our clinic offers treatment for children, youth and adults. Any patient may contact us in dealing with their topical problems and may do so anonymously. We also offer assistance to family members of our patients who are deeply affected by medical problems of their close ones. Problems are usually solved in an interdisciplinary way - i.e. in cooperation with other professional specialists (e.g. neurologist, phoniatrist, speech therapist, etc.).

  • Psychiatry

    Clinical psychiatry is an important section of our complex diagnostics of communication disorders.

  • Neurology

    Neurology department involves outpatient’s department, EEG laboratory with EEG - biofeedback and HRV - biofeedback.

  • Internal Medicine

    Internal medicine surgery makes both complex and specialized examinations in order to determine a suitable treatment plan that offers links to top clinical facilities.

  • Forensic Expert Specialized in Clinical Speech Therapy

    PaedDr. Ilona Kejklíčková, PhD.

Our consulting room

Ordinace Praha

Karlovo náměstí 15
120 00 Praha

Phone: 296 150 650
Cell phone: 603 484 077
Cell phone: 724 205 959

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Ordinace Brno

Vsetínská 20
639 00 Brno

Phone: 543 420 666
Cell phone: 777 675 233

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Ordinace Blansko

Nádražní 10
678 01 Blansko

Phone: 517 578 311

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Náměstí Míru 149
667 01 Židlochovice

Phone: 547 231 999

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  • 28 12 2012

    Pour féliciter

    Dear partners, dear friends, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful start to the New Year 2013.

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