Myofunctional Therapy Guide for Parents

Myofunctional therapy is an educational-reeducational program aimed at improving oral functions, i.e.: respiration, sucking, mastication, swallowing, articulation, tongue mobility and facial mimics. If oral function deficiencies are removed late, during the period of growth and development in particular, orofacial muscles lack balance.


Accompanying symptoms:- Breathing through open mouth

  • Incorrect swallowing and chewing (of both liquid and solid food)
  • Changes in articulation: distorted "s" and "z"
  • Narrow palate
  • Anomalous tooth growth (malocclusion)
  • Incorrect habits (thumb sucking, dummy sucking, long use of infant bottle)
  • Reduced control of orofacial muscle coordination
  • Anomalous resting tongue position
  • Reduced concentration and attention
  • Incorrect body posture


Efekt nesprávného polykáníIncorrect swallowing effect: Tongue is pressed against teeth and acts as a negative force against their growth and causes malocclusion.


Many children suck their thumb, their dummy or other objects; many nibble pencils, straws or their nails. These bad habits affect their face development, cause malocclusions and are responsible for wrong oral motor activity.
(Imbalance of orofacial muscles)


What Age is Appropriate to Start Speech Therapy?

There are many factors to be taken into consideration before starting myofunctional therapy but age is no crucial issue.

Motivation is essential in order to achieve positive results. A speech therapist - a professional - analyses patient's current situation, including his adolescence and adult age condition, and chooses a therapy that suits best the pathology of the particular case. A speech therapist is to motivate the patient.

Children aged 3 - 4 years should be entrusted to speech therapist's care in order to determine whether the child suffers from any bad habits, including thumb sucking and prolonged use of infant bottle. Elimination of bad habits means prevention of secondary problems.

Children aged 7 - 8 years may submit to complex speech therapy. They are aware of their problems. Likewise, adults may submit to speech therapy (e.g. jaw pain after surgical maxillary-facial treatment, relapse after orthodontic therapy, or adaptation problems after orthodontic therapy, etc.).

Problems in Oral Functions

Myofunctional orofacial problems are more frequent than you may think!

Orofacial muscle troubles affect quite a high percentage of population of adolescent and adult age. Detailed worldwide research studies show that in 38% people out of total population 81% individuals have experienced orofacial function disorders during their development (USA Kellum, 1992; Maul et al., 1999).


Every patient is unique.

Myofunctional therapy has been known for more than 30 years and it is used worldwide in thousands of cases. Many children and adults are able to enjoy positive and stable results achieved thanks to this non-invasive and non-surgical method. The latest clinical studies reveal that 80 - 90 % cases of orofacial function disorders achieved positive results and managed to fix correct functioning (Hahn&Hanh,1992- Andretta P., 2003).

Results are staggering

Photographs demonstrate speech therapy results:

Před logopedickou terapií Before speech therapy



Během logopedické terapie During speech therapy



Po logopedické terapii After speech therapy


Consult your speech therapist. Your speech therapist will evaluate your child's situation professionally. Nowadays, you can make use of the therapy at all offices of our private clinic LOGO s.r.o.

In cooperation with: Dr. Anna Rita Beghetto
Compiled by: MUDr. Alexandra Semjonova

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