Swallowing Deficiency Treatment Aids

A list of aids used in treatment of swallowing deficiencies. To make an order, click on the desired aid. The order form is available on the relevant page.

  • Swallowing Aids

    Swallowing Aids

    Advanced oral-motor aid that enables, thanks to its surface, to develop biting and swallowing skills. Little tubes provide safe and non-toxic area for biting and swallowing.
  • Dysphagia Cup

    Dysphagia Cup

    It is designed to satisfy needs of people who have troubles with swallowing. New and improved design offers sufficient space for the nose, making it possible to drink without leaning your head back.
  • Provale Cup

    Provale Cup

    A cup with precise liquid dosing upon one inclination. The cup makes it possible to drink specific amount of liquid whenever it is inclined. This important feature enables controlled drinking for those who have swallowing difficulties.
  • Kapi-cup


    These light, partially flexible cups have a sophisticated shape so as to support safe drinking and swallowing without the need to lean your head back while drinking.
  • Spoons


    These spoons are well suited for children and adults with eating difficulties, such as impaired lip closure, reduced tongue or throat function or hypersensitivity of the mouth.
  • Ora-Light

    Ora-Light Spoons

    Jack Light, a dental surgeon who has been treating patients with oral motor disabilities consisting in speech and swallowing deficiencies for more than 30 years, has created a system of motor exercises called Ora-Light.

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