A speech therapy clinic with comprehensive care

We provide therapeutic care in the areas of phoniatrics, ENT, speech therapy, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, and physiotherapy. We also run a child daycare center, as well as an inpatient ward.

Speech therapy

In LOGO we are able to solve all problems associated with speech impediments or speech development “differently.”


We offer treatment of the musculoskeletal system to athletes, as well as to children and adults of all age groups.

Medical services

In LOGO you will also find experts from the fields of neurology, rehabilitation, phoniatrics, and ENT, as well as from other important areas.


We will achieve the best results if you use the opportunity to stay at our clinic. In this way we can work together intensively.

We solve problems in a comprehensive way

Our clinic works in a unique way. The priority is comprehensive care provided by our doctors and therapists. Equally important is the communication of the entire team of the clinic with the patient.

Why should you choose LOGO?

Comprehensiveness of services

The cooperation between doctors and therapists at one workplace leads to excellent results in a very short time.

Years of experience

LOGO Private Clinic s.r.o. was established in 1990. Over almost 30 years we have helped approximately 100,000 people. And every day we strive to help others live the lives they dream of.

High level of expertise

Our clinic has the best experts on its team, and they continuously educate themselves and love their work.

International cooperation

We actively cooperate with experts from all over the world with whom we exchange valuable experience, and we apply it at our clinic.

Our patients’ experience

If you have an “exceptional child” instead of a “standard child,” I definitely recommend a diagnostic stay in Brno. Even if it brings you a small fragment of what we have received, you will surely not regret it :-).
Our speech therapist manages not only to attract children, but she also achieves incredible results through her determination and ability to resonate with the child. I am glad that we found a “refuge” in LOGO. I am not afraid to recommend it to others. You’re just great. Thank you again.
I would like to thank you for the really sensitive, fully professional, and deeply considerate approach of the physiotherapists at the LOGO clinic. They are the professionals who, by doing their best, advertise your medical facility in an ideal way. I am a very satisfied patient, and can only praise and recommend your clinic.

Medical aids

We offer a wide range of speech therapy and physiotherapy aids which you can conveniently order in our e-shop. Consult our therapists about the possibilities for their use.