Psychiatry and child psychiatry

LOGO’s psychiatric outpatient clinic deals with all types of mental disorder, with special regard to communication disorders.

The service is offered in the following branches:

In cooperation with clinical psychology, our psychiatric outpatient clinic deals with diagnostics and treatment (both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic) in children, adolescents, and adults. An examination by a psychiatrist is also an integral part of the comprehensive program of the weekly stay in the inpatient care center.

The most common problems we help our clients with are:

  • depression

  • anxiety disorders

  • disorders from the area of psychoses

  • eating disorders (anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa)

In children and adolescents the most common problems are:

  • the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • anxiety disorders and phobias

  • autism and emotional problems

To a lesser extent we deal with clients with alcohol and other drug addictions, and pathological gambling.

In cooperation with our neurological outpatient clinic, we also deal with clients with organic brain disorders such as those following a stroke, or with dementia.

We also deal with the issue of adjustment disorders and with reactions to severe stress.

A psychological examination of children and adults

We perform the following tests:

  • intellectual abilities
  • memory skills
  • assessment of school maturity
  • help with overcoming school difficulties
  • the evaluation of autism spectrum disorders, etc. 

Therapeutic help

We provide therapeutic assistance to people with health problems and to people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation.

Cognitive skills training

We provide training for people of different ages and different diagnoses, especially for patients following a stroke and after injuries.

Diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders.

Recently, we have started using the comprehensive diagnostic method ADOS, which allows us to determine whether a child has autism spectrum disorders or autism (childhood autism) and what the degree of symptoms is (from low to high). The private clinic LOGO is one of a few diagnostic organizations in the Czech Republic that performs diagnostics using the ADOS test.

Our patients’ experience

I always feel comfortable at the clinic. The doctor is very kind. He tries to adapt the treatment to my needs. He’s a real professional. Great for me.
I’ve been seeing the doctor at LOGO for over two years. He has always listened to me carefully. His advice and treatment have been successful. He’s a friendly, young, and a professional doctor with a capital D. I am very grateful to him.
U pana doktora se cítím vždy velmi příjemně, dokáže skvěle naslouchat a pozitivně naladit. Léčbu přizpůsobuje mým potřebám. Nikdy nemám pocit, že by pan doktor spěchal na dalšího pacienta, je to takové uklidňující.

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