Clinical psychology

Clinical psychology is a specialized branch of psychology that deals with the diagnostics, therapy and prevention of mental problems, disorders, and diseases.

The service is offered in the following branches:

In LOGO, we provide care for children, adolescents, and adults. They can approach us if they are looking for help in solving their current psychological problems. We also offer help to family members of our clients, who are significantly affected by the health problems of their loved ones.

The solution to their problems is mostly interdisciplinary - i.e. in cooperation with experts from other professions (e.g. a neurologist, psychiatrist, phoniatrist, speech therapist, etc.).

We offer a psychological examination of children and adults focusing on:

  • intellectual abilities
  • memory skills

  • assessment of school maturity

  • help in overcoming school difficulties

  • the evaluation of autism spectrum disorders, etc.

We offer therapeutic assistance to:

  • people with health problems

  • people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation

We provide training in cognitive abilities

for people of different ages and different diagnoses:

  • clients who have had a stroke
  • clients recovering from accidents, etc.                                 

The diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders

Recently, we started using the comprehensive diagnostic method ADOS, which allows us to determine whether a child suffers from autism spectrum disorders or autism (childhood autism) and what the degree of symptoms is (from low to high).

The private clinic LOGO is one of a few diagnostic organizations in the Czech Republic that performs diagnostics using the ADOS test.

More about the method

ADOS is focused on monitoring the child in standardized tasks with special aids. In social aspects (communication and the social interaction of the child) it also monitors specific manifestations in behavior.

In cooperation with a child psychiatrist it is then possible to determine the diagnosis and set the course of therapy with regard to the severity of the symptoms of the disease.

We will recommend to clients the inclusion of the child in a suitable school. We are ready to help solve the social aspects of the disease (entitlement to a care allowance under Act 108/2006 Coll., Etc.)

Reference: Mgr. M. Aujezdská

Our patients’ experience

An amazing psychologist, wise, understanding, kind, full of empathy… She seems to be a person who has already experienced something and who is not easily surprised. She is incredibly optimistic and able to see what is beautiful in problem children.
Her approach is very kind and nice. I went to her for five years, and if I hadn’t moved house, I would have never stopped consulting her. She is definitely the best psychologist in Brno, I highly recommend her.

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