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The Prague branch of the Private Clinic LOGO is located in the very center of the capital. It specializes in clinical speech therapy and clinical psychology. In addition to the usual examinations and therapies, we focus on other educational programs (Elkonin and Maxík). We provide several groups/group therapies for preschool and school children focused on speech therapy, the prevention of specific learning disabilities, and on the improvement of school skills.

We have recently introduced the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders ADOS and EEG biofeedback. We organize a number of other events for our clients, such as Saturday morning sessions on certain topics, as well as several types of holiday stays. For the next school year, we are also preparing seminars for parents. We also provide check-ups and therapies in English.

Clinical speech therapy

The services of clinical speech therapy - the workplace in Prague:


Aphasia is an acquired disorder of a person’s speech, most often the result of a stroke, craniotrauma, or brain tumors. Patients with aphasia have difficulty remembering words. Sometimes, they are not even able to express them verbally at all.

Developmental and acquired dysarthria

Dysarthria is a disorder of motor speech. Developmental dysarthria is a problem resulting from congenital motor disabilities in children, most often from cerebral palsy, or from disabilities acquired in early childhood. Acquired dysarthria most often occurs as a result of a stroke, craniotrauma, or degenerative diseases.

Dysphagia - swallowing disorders

Swallowing disorders affect both children and adults. In children it is usually a problem resulting from a congenital neurological disease (e.g. cerebral palsy or syndrome defects). In adults it is frequently the consequence of strokes or other neurological diseases. Patients with swallowing disorders have difficulty controlling the bite in the mouth and then swallowing saliva or food with solid, semi-solid, or liquid consistency.

Communication disorder in dementia

In patients with dementia, communication problems can appear at the very beginning of the disease. This is often the first reason that leads the patient to the doctor. Problems can be manifested in gradually increasing difficulties in understanding spoken or written words, disorders in the reproduction of some words, simplification of expression in the form of poor and empty sentences, or difficulties in writing or reading.


Dyslalia indicates a malfunction of one or more sounds. These are most often problems resulting from insufficiently developed auditory differentiation of individual sounds (e.g. the replacement of the K sound with that of T) or problems resulting from the incorrect motor realization of the sound (e.g. the “interdental” formation of sibilant consonants—hissing sounds—, or velar R formation, so-called “burring” or “ratcheting”—pronouncing one’s R wrongly at the back of one’s mouth).

Developmental dysphasia

Developmental dysphasia or specifically impaired speech development is a disorder that affects all levels of speech—vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension. However, developmental dysphasia is characterized not only by speech difficulties but also by markedly uneven development of the whole personality. It is a severe speech disorder requiring intensive and regular care not only in the office of a clinical speech therapist but also in the home environment.

Delayed speech development

It is generally said that if children lag significantly behind in speech development at the age of three (e.g. they speak little or even do not express themselves verbally, speak incomprehensibly, or are not interested in communication), it may be delayed speech development.

Balbuties - stuttering

Disruption of speech can occur at any age, mostly in the form of repeating individual sounds, syllables, words (e.g. “w-w-w - what”), their prolongation (e.g. “mmmmmom”), or unnaturally long pauses in speech.

Tumultus sermonis - cluttering

Tumultus sermonis indicates difficulties manifested by an unduly accelerated pace of speech. At the same time, some sounds may be omitted or repeated or even stammered.

Myofunctional disorder

Myofunctional disorders refer to imbalance problems with orofacial (facial) muscles. These are incorrect movement patterns that arise due to incorrect habits. Causes may include frequent inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, allergies, adenoid vegetation, a shortened sublingual bridle (frenulum), or persistent bad habits.

Clinical psychology

The services of clinical psychology - the workplace in Prague:

At the department of clinical psychology, we perform psychological diagnostics and therapy for a fee covered by health insurance. We also offer consultations in English.

A psychological examination of children and adults focusing on:

  • intellectual abilities
  • memory skills
  • assessment of school maturity
  • help in overcoming school difficulties
  • the evaluation of autism spectrum disorders, etc.

Therapeutic assistance to:

  • people with health problems
  • people who have found themselves in a difficult life situation                        

Training in cognitive abilities for people of different ages and different diagnoses:

  • clients who have had a stroke
  • clients recovering from accidents, etc.

The diagnostics of autism spectrum disorders

Recently, we started using the comprehensive diagnostic method ADOS, which allows us to determine whether a child suffers from autism spectrum disorders or autism (childhood autism) and what the degree of symptoms is (from low to high).


ENT and phoniatrics address clinical issues, diagnostics, treatment, therapeutic prevention and the rehabilitation of hearing, voice, and speech disorders. In addition to the usual examination methods in phoniatrics, we use a state-of-the-art laryngeal videostroboscopy device, where the doctor observes the vocal cords and their movement in detail on the screen. (The patient can watch the recording after the examination.)

Thanks to this new type of examination, the phoniatrician is able to make an early diagnosis and choose the appropriate therapy of organic and functional voice disorders. Part of this device also enables examining the voice field and making the sound analysis of the voice, including electroglottography. These examinations are used primarily by voice professionals. The purpose is to intervene therapeutically as soon as possible and thus prevent patients from developing functional voice disorders, or to choose a suitable reeducation therapy.


At present, we will arrange for you to be examined by a psychiatrist or a child psychiatrist in a contracted facility.                                                                  

Speech therapy groups

Speech therapy groups/group therapies are very popular with our clients:

  • they help children overcome their speech difficulties in a playful and fun way
  • they develop children’s abilities and personalities
  • they teach children teamwork
  • they prepare children for the successful start of school attendance
  • they are suitable for children of preschool and early school age
At our branch, we are now opening groups for children of English, Russian and Ukrainian-speaking parents.

Reading and writing as playing

The group is based on training according to D. B. Elkonin. This method forms the basis of future reading.

To school with a smile

The group is intended especially for children before the start of school (also for children with a planned postponement of school attendance).

Other activities

Therapies are intended for preschool and school children.

Individual therapies for children

Therapies are intended for preschool and school children.

Thematically focused Saturdays

We have prepared for you thematically focused Saturdays full of games, creative activities, and speech therapy.

Seminars for parents

We have prepared seminars full of interesting and useful information for you.

Camps and suburban stays

Every year, we organize several residential camps and suburban stays for children and adults. Speech therapy camps and suburban stays are part of comprehensive speech therapy care, and their goal is the overall development of the child’s personality. We teach them teamwork, we support and develop their creativity.

Prague’s Councilor for Healthcare said in his speech:

“I consider the fact that there is no subsequent rehabilitation after a stroke or brain injury to be one of the most serious problems in healthcare. Therefore, the capital city of Prague has announced a program to improve this shortcoming within its grant system. The LOGO clinic is a medical facility with a very good reputation, which provides quality healthcare in the territory of Moravia. I want the same quality of care to be provided to patients in Prague.”
Milan Pešák, Councilor of the Capital City of Prague for Healthcare

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