Rehabilitation doctor

The service is offered in the following branches:

A rehabilitation physician specializes in patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain. A basic psychosomatic examination is followed by a long-term rehabilitation plan including the rehabilitation and ergotherapeutic (occupational therapy) methods, e.g.

  • Lewit treatment/mobilization techniques
  • The methodology of Ludmila Mojžíšová
  • The Dorn method
  • The Bowen technique
  • taping
  • acupressure
  • craniosacral therapy

Our patients’ experience

I have consulted many neurologists, but only Doctor Moráňová approached me with such a comprehensive attitude. Last but not least, she is a very nice and kind person.
Petra J.
Excellent doctor! She helped my son and me. She is an expert in her field. I also have praise for the entire private clinic LOGO, where they approach the patients on an individual basis and solve their problems comprehensively (neurology, rehabilitation, internal medicine, ENT, physiotherapy, speech therapy, psychology, and psychiatry). If our healthcare system functioned like this everywhere, I would be happy to pay higher health insurance because I would know that I would receive excellent services —like at the LOGO clinic.
Martin K.
Excellent doctor, the right person in the right place! I also appreciate the rehabilitation that I am currently undergoing at the clinic. Unfortunately, as already mentioned, the disadvantage is a longer waiting time, given how many patients the doctor has.
Kamča L.

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