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Rehabilitation procedures are performed by certified physiotherapists, especially in an individual form.


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Workplace specialization

The branch of the Private Clinic LOGO is located near the bus and train stations in Blansko. We specialize in speech therapy and rehabilitation. In addition to the usual examinations, we also offer our small clients two suburban stays during the summer months.

Speech therapy

Professional speech therapy care is focused on the diagnostics and treatment of communication disorders in children and adults.

Speech therapy is a branch of special needs pedagogy that deals with communication, speech, hearing, and voice disorders. Speech education and the elimination of defects and disorders are associated with the education of both the thinking and personality of the individual. Speech is the most perfect human ability, and that is why we must pay due attention to this issue. The clinical speech therapy care provided at our LOGO clinic is intended for a wide range of patients with various speech, hearing, and voice disorders. At our workplace, professional and specialized counseling centers have been set up.

Camps and suburban stays

Every year, we organize several residential camps and suburban stays for children and adults. Speech therapy camps and suburban stays are part of comprehensive speech therapy care, and their goal is the overall development of the child’s personality. We teach them teamwork, we support and develop their creativity.

Rehabilitation doctor

A rehabilitation physician specializes in patients suffering from chronic musculoskeletal pain. A basic psychosomatic examination is followed by a long-term rehabilitation plan including the rehabilitation and ergotherapeutic (occupational therapy) methods, e.g. The methodology of Ludmila Mojžíšová, The Dorn method, taping, etc.


Physiotherapeutic procedures help prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapy therapeutically intervenes where movement and other physical and mental functions are threatened by the aging process, injury, illness, or inborn defects. Our basic procedures include the examination of the joints and their positions, the spine position, the centration of the joints, and the deep postural system.

Therapeutically, it influences the mentioned defects with the help of joints, soft tissues, fascia, the deep stabilization system, soft and mobilization techniques, scar release, and through numerous reflex methods. Respiratory rehabilitation and physiotherapy use airway techniques, relaxation techniques, breathing facilitation procedures, and the overall involvement of the respiratory system during exercise, including exercises on unstable surfaces.

Classic massage

Classic massages include relaxation and sports massages. They are focused on muscle and total body relaxation. Effects: increased blood circulation, the normalization of skin tension, the release of muscle tension and pain, the acceleration of emptying superficial veins and lymphatic ducts, the increased secretion of sweat glands, as well as muscle and mental relaxation.

Reflexology massage

It is a manual technique acting through the reflex points which are located on the surface of the body and in the muscles. It influences the internal organs, thus affecting their activity. Effects: the improvement of blood circulation, the improvement of the activity of deeply stored organs and tissues, the elimination of musculoskeletal pain.

Lava stones massage

This massage is one of the best therapies to remove stress and strengthen inner peace. It physiologically affects the processes in the body, removes nervousness, stress, insomnia, etc. The heat from lava stones helps to relax stiff muscles, blocks, and cramps. It eases joint pain and speeds up the metabolism.


A healing method that affects the body not only with thermal but also with kinetic energy. At our branch, we offer two kinds of hydrotherapy: underwater massage or pearl bath.


It is a training method consisting of a system of ropes, which are set according to the current training ability of the client.

Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a tactile technique that aims to support the function of the superficial lymphatic system.


It is a physical therapy that uses the application of various electrical currents and impulses to the body. At our branch, we offer the following electrotherapy procedures: rebox, laser, ultrasound, and magnetotherapy.


Electric currents are applied through the skin to the treated area by touching the electrode. Rebox currents affect the tissue in the area about 1.5 cm from the point of contact.


Laser therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic method based on the application of radiation in the form of a laser beam.


It is most often used for acute and chronic back pain. It uses mechanical waves.


It is used in several medical fields. It positively affects a number of health problems.


A suitable complementary method of classic massages. With the help of cupping, we can eliminate pain in the spine and in the musculoskeletal system. We can also positively influence the function of internal organs.


It is both the rehabilitation and training technique that successfully treats pain in the spine, muscles, and joints.

SM system according to Smíšek

It is a training method with a special elastic rope.

The methodology of Ludmila Mojžíšová

It is a method focused mainly on the treatment of the pelvic floor muscles.

Soft and mobilization techniqu

It is a method dealing with the diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

Vojta’s method

A set of exercise techniques used to treat movement disorders. The method is based on knowledge of the development of movement patterns during a child’s life.

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