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The Fairytale Biograph - Biograf Pohádka

The Fairytale Biograph, Biograf Pohádka in Czech, at our clinic is different from other children's playroom because of its unique approach and philosophy. Its goal is to calm children before an upcoming therapy session, and thus achieve goals more effectively during the actual session with the therapist.

The main feature of the space is a large screen installation created by Dutch artist Simone Hooymans, now living in Norway. Her abstract works have a magical effect on young children and adults alike. With her love of nature and vague stories, she keeps the attention and helps to develop the imagination, which is crucial for a child's world. 

All the works are hand-drawn, and interestingly, it takes about six months to create one five-minute video. Simone Hooymans has her unique works in many hospitals and libraries in the Netherlands and Norway. Her largest work, "Talking Plants", can be seen at the Deichman Library in Oslo.

In her interview for the Bratislava Film Festival 2023, Simone gives us a more detailed insight into her work. For more information about the visual and sound aspects of her work, please follow this link.

Another important element in the children's corner is the carefully selected materials, where we have given priority to solid wood, which also has a calming effect. The toys in this space were chosen to minimize distractions and at the same time to be able to engage the youngest and older children.

Deichman Library, Oslo

The Fairytale Biograph visualization

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