Speech therapy

Speech therapy is a branch of special needs pedagogy that deals with communication, speech, hearing, and voice disorders.

The service is offered in the following branches:

On the issue

Speech therapy has long been considered a field focused exclusively on pediatric patients with difficulties in pronouncing sounds. Today it is a dynamically developing field working closely with other pedagogical and medical disciplines. In speech therapy clinics for children, we encounter problems such as stuttering, cluttering, delayed speech development, and developmental dysphasia.

With adults, we usually deal with speech problems after injuries and strokes. Unfortunately, the number of speech impediments is increasing, and therefore it is important to monitor the development of speech from an early age. The LOGO clinic has contracts with all the health insurance companies.

In the field of speech therapy, we offer:

Clinical speech therapy

The outpatient clinics of our clinical speech therapists provide professional diagnostics, and subsequent therapy for communication disorders in children and adults.

Child daycare center

LOGO offers your children an opportunity for the intensive development of their communication skills under the guidance of an experienced clinical speech therapist.

Speech therapy groups

We organize a wide selection of specifically-focused group therapies for both children and adults.

Diagnostic stays

The inpatient care center of our clinic offers comprehensive diagnostics for people with more severe speech and hearing impairments, including intensive recovery.

Camps and suburban stays

Every year, we organize several residential camps and suburban stays with a speech therapy focus for both children and adults.

We solve problems in a comprehensive way

Our clinic works in a unique way. Its priority is the comprehensive care provided by our doctors and therapists. Equally important is the communication of the entire clinic team with the patient.

Our patients’ experience

We are very happy to remember our diagnostic stay at the LOGO clinic in Brno. My son, used to luxury holidays, often mentions that he would like to go to Brno because “it was the best hotel in the world with the best meals and the best chef.” Basically, he remembers the stay as a nice holiday that we both enjoyed.
We spent a year attending a competitor’s speech therapy clinic, where my son hid under the table and kept quiet. After a year, I gave it up and we started attending the LOGO clinic in Prague. And my son started talking! From my point of view, in LOGO there are not only experts but also people who like their work.
My thanks go to the speech therapist for the systematic care she provides to my son, and for the ability to motivate and pay attention not only to her little client but also to his parents. She approaches us with such professional care, which is not so common these days.

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