This is a method that allows you to control your brain waves.

This service is offered in the following branches:

This involves the brain learning through biological feedback. If you get an instant, targeted and accurate item of information about tuning your brainwaves, you can learn how to align them.

EEG biofeedback training is non-violent, painless, and playful. It helps children with attention deficit disorder to cope with school requirements. It also improves concentration, significantly soothes restlessness and anxiety, and reduces aggression. It is suitable for adults, it relieves depression, regulates sleep, increases performance, and acts against fatigue.

 Based on the doctor’s recommendation, the following electroencephalographic examinations are performed in the EEG laboratory:

  • native CT examination
  • photostimulation
  • hyperventilation
  • sleep deprivation

The results of the overall therapy are highly specific with respect to the placement of the electrodes and to the training frequency band.

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