Diagnostic-therapeutic stays

LOGO’s inpatient care center equipped with beds offers comprehensive care for people with more severe speech and hearing impairments as well as the opportunity for intensive recovery.

The service is offered in the following branches:

As part of the diagnostic stay, comprehensive diagnostics and therapy take place, in which experts from individual medical and non-medical disciplines are involved (clinical speech therapy, clinical psychology, phoniatrics, neurology, and psychiatry). During the stay, there are two meetings of experts who work with the client. Based on the initial examinations, a plan of diagnostics and therapy for the ongoing stay is set. At the end of the week the client will receive a final report containing complete records of the diagnosis and therapy.

Speech therapy takes place every day of the week. According to the rehabilitation doctor’s schedule, clients undergo rehabilitation with a physiotherapist and occupational therapist. During the stay, clients will try EEG-biofeedback and oxygen therapy. After the end of the diagnostic stay, the therapy is started according to the specifics of communication disability.

The length of the stay is 5 days. During their stay, patients have access to the most up-to-date equipment of the clinic, which is the best in the area of both comprehensive diagnostics and communication disabilities’ therapy in the Czech Republic. During their stay, clients are provided with meals 5 times a day. The clinic building is barrier-free.

At our clinic, a comprehensive approach is used so that medical, reeducation, and rehabilitation components are effective for the client in one place and at one time. The aim of diagnostic stays is to help clients eliminate or alleviate their health problems and show them the path towards full recovery in a relatively short period of time.

Our patients’ experience

We are very happy to remember our diagnostic stay at the LOGO clinic in Brno. My son, used to luxury holidays, often mentions that he would like to go to Brno because “it was the best hotel in the world with the best meals and the best chef.” Basically, he remembers the stay as a nice holiday that we both enjoyed.
The program was really busy, very well thought-out, and well planned. Examinations and therapies that would have taken half a year in various medical facilities were completed in 5 days here. A big plus was that all the doctors involved consulted on the final report. And the result was, in my opinion, very objective. The whole clinic is very well organized and we always met with nice and kind staff. I highly recommend this clinic.
We spent a week there for the second time. I can only recommend it to everyone. Great and professional approach! My daughter and I will definitely continue to attend this clinic.

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